Should I Start Dallas Goedert?

should i start dallas goedert

If you are a fantasy football owner, you must be pondering whether to start Dallas Goedert this week. It can be a tough decision, but we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll analyze Goedert’s recent performance, injury status, and overall potential to help you determine whether or not you should start him in week X.

Dallas Goedert is a talented tight end with solid fantasy potential. His incredible athleticism and ability to make contested catches have made him an essential part of the Eagles’ offense. If you’re wondering whether he is right for your fantasy team, read on to find out more about his fantasy value and potential impact on your team.

Dallas Goedert’s Recent Performance and Playing Time

If you’re considering starting Dallas Goedert in your fantasy football lineup, it’s important to take a look at his recent stats and playing time. In the first 6 weeks of the season, Goedert has shown promise as a reliable option for the Eagles.

Dallas Goedert stats: Goedert has recorded 160 receiving yards and 2 touchdowns on 15 receptions. He’s currently averaging 3.2 receptions per game and has a catch rate of 63%. While these numbers may not be mind-blowing, they do indicate that Goedert is a consistent target in the Eagles’ passing game.

Dallas Goedert playing time: Goedert has been playing an average of 68% of the offensive snaps this season, showcasing his importance to the team. He’s also been targeted an average of 5 times per game, demonstrating that the Eagles are actively trying to get him involved in the offense.

Dallas Goedert targets: It’s worth noting that Goedert’s targets have been inconsistent from game to game, ranging from 1 to 9 targets per game. However, his catch percentage has remained consistent, indicating that he’s a reliable option when targeted.

Based on his recent performance and playing time, Goedert has the potential to be a valuable contributor to your fantasy team. Keep in mind his role in the Eagles’ offense and how that may impact his production in the coming weeks.

Dallas Goedert’s Injury Update

If you’re considering starting Dallas Goedert in your fantasy football lineup, it’s important to keep an eye on his injury status. As of now, there are no reported injuries, but it’s still essential to monitor his participation in practice and any developments leading up to game day.

Remember, injuries can occur at any time, and it’s crucial to have a backup plan in case Goedert is unable to play. Make sure to keep an eye on injury reports leading up to game day and have a contingency plan in place.

dallas goedert injury update

“Injuries can be a real game-changer in fantasy football. Keep an eye on Dallas Goedert’s injury status and have a backup plan in case he’s unable to play.”

Dallas Goedert’s Breakout Potential

Dallas Goedert has shown breakout potential in recent games, making him a valuable asset for fantasy football teams. He has been heavily involved in the Philadelphia Eagles’ offense, with an average of 6 targets per game, and has recorded over 50 receiving yards in two of his past three games.

His usage in the red zone is also promising, with three touchdowns in the past four games. This shows that the Eagles have confidence in his ability to make plays when it matters most.

“Dallas has been a big part of what we’ve been doing. He’s really done a great job. He’s a big target, he’s got great hands, he’s tough, he’s physical, and he’s a really good route runner,” said Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz.

In addition to his recent performance, Goedert’s overall talent and potential make him a strong candidate for a breakout season. As a talented and athletic tight end, he has the ability to make big plays and create mismatches on the field.

With a favorable matchup in Week X, Goedert has the potential to have a breakout game and be a game-changer for fantasy football teams. His recent performance and overall potential make him a player worth starting in your lineup.

dallas goedert breakout potential

Dallas Goedert on the Waiver Wire

If Dallas Goedert is currently on the waiver wire in your fantasy football league, it’s worth considering picking him up. He has the potential to be a valuable asset for your team.

Goedert has shown promise in recent weeks with increased playing time and a growing role in the Eagles’ offense. In his last game, he had three receptions for 33 yards and a touchdown.

While he may not be as consistent as other top tight ends in the league, Goedert’s potential for big plays and touchdowns make him a valuable addition to any fantasy team. Plus, with tight end being a thin position in most leagues, finding a player with his potential is rare.

If you’re struggling at the tight end position or have a player on bye, Goedert is a solid option to consider. He has a favorable matchup in Week X against a weak defense, and his potential for a breakout game makes him a high-risk, high-reward option.

“Goedert’s potential for big plays and touchdowns make him a valuable addition to any fantasy team.”

Expert Advice and Conclusion

After analyzing all the factors discussed in the previous sections, it’s clear that starting Dallas Goedert in your fantasy football lineup is a decision that requires careful consideration.

While Dallas Goedert has shown impressive recent performance and could potentially have a breakout game, his injury status is a concern. It’s important to monitor his health status leading up to the game.

If Dallas Goedert is available on your league’s waiver wire, he could be a worthwhile pick-up given his potential value and production. However, it’s important to compare him to other available tight ends on the waiver wire before making a decision.

Overall, our recommendation is to start Dallas Goedert if he is healthy and likely to receive a significant target share in the upcoming game. His potential impact on your fantasy team should not be overlooked.

Remember, ultimately it’s your decision whether to start Dallas Goedert or not. Consider all the factors and make the best choice for your team. Good luck!


Should I start Dallas Goedert?

Whether or not to start Dallas Goedert in your fantasy football lineup depends on various factors. Consider his recent performance, playing time, injury status, breakout potential, and availability on the waiver wire. Analyzing these aspects will help you make an informed decision for your team.

What are Dallas Goedert’s recent performance and playing time?

Dallas Goedert’s recent stats, including his target share and playing time, are crucial in determining his fantasy value. Reviewing his production and involvement in the offense will give you insights on whether he should be started.

What is the latest injury update on Dallas Goedert?

Staying up to date with Dallas Goedert’s injury status is essential. Knowing whether he is dealing with any injuries or has a clean bill of health will help you decide whether to start him or not.

Does Dallas Goedert have breakout potential?

Dallas Goedert’s breakout potential is worth considering. Assess his performance, usage, and the overall offensive scheme to determine if he has the ability to make a significant impact on your fantasy team.

Should I pick up Dallas Goedert from the waiver wire?

If Dallas Goedert is available on your league’s waiver wire, evaluate his potential value and compare him to other tight ends. This will help you determine if he is a worthwhile addition to your team.

What is the expert advice on whether to start Dallas Goedert?

Considering all the factors discussed in the previous sections, seek expert advice and a conclusion to make the best decision on whether to start Dallas Goedert. Expert insights will provide valuable guidance for your fantasy football strategy.